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Sandook Mind Zen Oil

Sandook Mind Zen Oil

Turn a good head massage into better! Our Mind Zen Oil uses Ayurvedic ingredients that help relieve stress and make good night sleeps a regular affair.

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Grandma's Magic Recipe

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• Reduces stress
• Ensures sound sleep
• It is a natural energizer

Easy to use Goodness

Apply generously on head and temples to relief stress. Gently massage in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Apply everyday or after a stressful day. No need to mix with any oil can be used directly.


• Ashwagandha: It is scientifically proven in reducing cortisol or Stress Hormone levels. it promotes antioxidant activity that protects nerve cells from harmful free radicals. It is known Memory booster according to ayurvedic texts. It also help in anxiety reduction.
• JAPA PUSPA: It has known anti-bacterial properties. The flavonoids in the flower are useful in inducing a good night’s sleep and alleviating stress. It helps you stay calm over a period of time.
• BHRINGRAJ: It is useful is reducing stress and stress related Hair loss. It has properties to strengthen the hair follicles which help in arresting hairfall. It’s a natural rejuvenator and has a calming effect on mind. It helps restore the imbalances of lifestyle through increased focus.
• KACHOOR: It has fatigue reducing properties and is useful in reducing stress and anxiety.
• BRAHMI: It is a therapeutic herb useful in improving memory and an general health tonic according to ayurvedic texts. Brahmi has a positive effect on hippocampus part of the brain that is responsible for intelligence, concentration & memory.
• SUGANDHA VALA: It has anti-inflammatory properties according to ayurvedic texts. Vala or Vetiver is a soothing and cooling agent helps in calming the mind. It has known stress reducing properties. It induces a good night’s sleep.
• MANDUKPARNI: Also known as Gotu Kola it is famous as “ Herb of Longevity” It is very useful in improving brain’s cognitive functions. According to ayurvedic texts it has anti-depressant properties and helpful in stress reduction and anxiety.
• PUDINA OIL: Pudina or Mentha are natural mood enhancers & revitalizers. According to ayurvedic texts it is also a natural painkiller for various ailments like Headache, bodyache etc. It is an anti-stress agent useful in increasing dopamine & serotonin levels in the body which calms the body and lifts the overall mood.
• KAPOOR: It is a natural painkiller as per ayurvedic texts. It has a numbing effect on nerves and hence helps to reduce pain and swelling. Fragrance of camphor or Kapoor has a calming effect on mind and helps in inducing sleep.


1. Does it have any side effects?
No, Sandook Mind Zen is 100% Ayurvedic and is free from side effects.

"Works like a charm! Relieved my all-day stress in just 15 minutes. Best head massage oil ever!"

Saurabh Mulik

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Why Sandook Mind Zen Oil?

Turn a good head massage into better! Our Mind Zen Oil uses Ayurvedic ingredients that help relieve stress and make good night sleeps a regular affair.

Become stress free with Grandma's love and ingredients

11 ayurvedic herbs personally selected by Grandma Gadkari to reduce stress and calm your mind

Less Stress, More focus, Improved concentration

Secret herbs selected from ancient ayurvedic texts like Bhavprakash nighantu give you the Zen like state that you always wanted

Your go to EOD relaxation therapy at home

You deserve a calm and soothing head massage at the end of a tiring day, Sandook Mind zen oil is your ultimate companion for rejuvination.