Story Of Sandook

About Us

“Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin.”

Grandma Gadkari was a living epitome of the above quote as she believed every woman could be whatever she dreamed if she just believed. A Woman’s true beauty is in her life journey. The day she is born with cute little smile, starts walking, goes to school, graduates from college, starts working, gets married, delivers her baby and so on.

With the same belief Grandma Gadkari began her quest to help women in their beauty journey with the help of ayurveda. She began studying various ayurvedic texts to develop effective formulations for beauty issues of women. In 1969 she started a small two room shed and 2 women employees.  The formulations that she developed started to give fantastic results for hair and skin care.

People in earlier times would store gold in trunks for safekeeping. But Grandma Gadkari stored all her formulations in a SANDOOK (Trunk) as they were worth their weight in gold. The Sandook contained all the secret formulations that were needed by every woman for her beauty needs. They were a treasure trove of distilled knowledge from ayurveda.

She worked 60 years studying ayurveda and delivering quality solutions to women for their beauty needs. At the time of her passing she gifted the Sandook to her next generation. She asked them to abide by the values and tradition of ayurveda. She asked them to keep the trust of people as paramount by giving only true quality solutions.

Sandook is thus a product of a promise, grandmother’s love & science of ayurveda.


Grandma Gadkari

Mrs. Sheelavati L. Gadkari (Grandma Gadkari) has been the soul of the organization for many years now. She left behind a legacy of ayurvedic traditions for the beauty industry in form of her formulations. Her desire to make every woman feel confident of her beauty through ayurveda still persists for three generations.



What we want to achieve

Our goal at Sandook is to address every woman’s beauty concerns by providing valuable information, services & products. We don’t look at business with a product mindset or through a one-off transactional relationship. We keep our consumer at the heart of business and look through a long term audience mindset by listening, building & delivering value for the beauty needs of every woman. We hope to become the go- to resource for everything related to natural beauty care.


The best Products for you

We keep the customer at the heart of our business.

Our model is very simple – Listen -> Build -> Deliver -> Get feedback -> Listen
This helps us to be relevant and attentive to the burning needs and desires of our consumers.
Natural healing and environmental sustainability are our watchwords driving all our actions at Sandook.
Our products are of the best quality, with fresh handpicked ingredients, 100% herbal actives manufactured at facilities with GMP certification. All our products are devoid of harmful chemicals like paraben, sulphates and phthalates.
We believe in the principle of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and do our bit for environment and work with Ecocert certified suppliers, which means that we source our ingredients in an environmentally sustainable way.
We are PETA certified for Cruelty free testing process, which means that none of our products are tested on animals.
We are Halal certified as most of our products are free from alcoholic and animal ingredients.