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AK Tablets for Constipation and Indigestion

Non habit forming, clears stomach with ease without causing pain.

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1. Bahava Magaj
2. Kapila Churna
3 Jeshtimadhu Churna

Dosage Information

1-2 tablets at bed time warm water or as directed by a physician

Has constipation made your day-to-day life harder? Non-regular bowel movements can stop you from feeling fresh and relaxed.

For the first time ever, unique formula-based AK tablets are derived from rare extracts of Bahava Kapila and Yastimadhu which are useful in cleaning the bowels in a light and easy way.

Ayurved Pratishthan’s A.K. Tablet is formulated to provide relief in the condition of constipation and indigestion. The ingredients present in the product assist in clearing the stomach with ease without causing pain or irritation.

AK tablets are non-habit-forming as they are ayurvedic and have zero side effects. The tablets are easy on your stomach at night, and mornings you’ll feel fresh and light. Say goodbye to constipation with AK tablets.

Key Benefits:
• It is a useful natural remedy for constipation and indigestion
• Shows effect in one night for a refreshing morning and a great day
• It is non-habit-forming
• Helps to clear the stomach with ease without causing pain or irritation



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