Ayurved Pratishthan

Kasovin Cough Syrup

Relieves throat pain in dry cough

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1. liquorice root - Expectorant,
2. Hirda- Laxative,
3. Beheda- Antitussive, Expectorant,
4. Ringani- Anti asthmatic,
5. Punarnava- Anti -inflammatory,
6. Adulsa- Expectorant,
7. Khairsal- Anti -tussive,
8. Sunthi- Digestive,
9. Mire- Anti- asthmatic,
10. Lavang- Anti -asthamatic,
11. Javkhar- Expectorant,
12. Sugar- Restorative.

Dosage Information

2 tablespoons- thrice a day.

Key Benefits:
• Relieves throat pain in dry cough
• Useful in dry and wet both kind of cough disorder
• Reduces inflammation in and around the respiratory tract.
• Tasty and non-drowsy ayurvedic cough syrup good for children



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