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Sandook Vatajata Hair Oil

The 100% natural active ingredients in the oil help regenerate fallen hair in a short time with just a little quantity of the oil applied. Sandook Vatajata hair oil is an enhanced treatment for hair fall control derived from unique extracts of Banyan aerial roots extract and six effective ingredients for strengthening the hair roots.

Sandook Head Massage Oil

Sandook Head Massage Oil is a unique combination of Ashwagandha, pudina and 10 effective natural ingredients for alleviating stress through gentle head massage. It has an instant calming and relaxing effect.


Vatajata Hair Oil: Vada Parambi, Kapur, Jatamansi, Beheda Beej, Jaswand Phool, Sunthi Churna, Til Tel
Vatajata Head Massage Oil: Ashwagandha, Japapushpa, Bhringraj, Kachoor, Brahmi, Sugandhi vala, Mandukaparni, Pudina satva, Pudina Oil, Kapur


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