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Combo of 3 Vatajata Hair Oil

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The 100% natural active ingredients in the oil help regenerate fallen hair in a short time with just a little quantity of the oil applied. Sandook Vatajata hair oil is an enhanced treatment for hair fall control derived from unique extracts of Banyan aerial roots extract and six effective ingredients for strengthening the hair roots.

These powerful ingredients are:

  1. Ficus benghalensis which helps to increase hair growth and decrease hair loss.
  2. Camphor which promotes hair growth and fights off hair lice.
  3. Nardostachys Jatamansi which helps reduce stress and improve sleep.
  4. Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis which cures hair greying stops hair loss and improves natural packs.
  5. Zingiber Officinale which is a powerful source of antioxidants for hair loss treatment split ends and dandruff treatment, and stimulation of hair growth.
  6. Sesamum Indicum oil which contains high levels of antioxidants that restores hair original color, fix broken hair, softens and creates shiny hair.

How to use it

First, create partitions in your hair, take some Sandook Vatajata oil in your palm and gently apply generously over hair. Ensure to reach the scalp of your hair with the oil and run your fingers through your hair as you do so.

Specific features

  • Due to its rich ingredients, Sandook Vatajata hair oil reduces hair fall and increases hair density, giving you a richer, younger-looking hair
  • Reduces hair-splitting.
  • It helps reduce accumulated stress hence improving sleep.


It reduces hair fall, protects and improves hair growth. Reduces hair-splitting. Also, it is mineral oil-free and free from any petrochemical derivatives. It is100% natural.


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