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The Homemade Shampoo for Hair Fall Control

Ultimate Guide to Make Your Ayurvedic Homemade Shampoo that Prevents Hair Fall

Switching on the television, we find ourselves being bombarded with advertisements for some great shampoos. The long lustrous tresses that those models keep swinging about, make us believe that a good shampoo is a solution to our hair woes. If we were to take a minute off to think about shampoos and lovely hair, we…

Ayurvedic Tips To Reduce Stress And Hair Fall

Hair fall induces stress and depression¬†which unless controlled can contribute to more hair loss. Modern medicine tries to address this problem by symptomatic relief (like sleeping pills for insomnia) rather than treat the underlying problem. To make things more complicated, some of the medicines prescribed may contribute to hair loss which adds to the problem…

How Hair Fall Adversely Affects Your Lifestyle

Across the globe, good lustrous hair is associated with good health and cheerfulness. Good hair has also been associated with feminine beauty. This holds true for every civilization that has existed on this planet. Women associate their hair with beauty and sensuality, while men correlate it with virility and vitality. But why is this so?…

Diet And Hair Fall Control: Things You Must Know

Hair fall is something that afflicts a majority of the population at some point of time in their lives. Even though it does not affect the body or its functions, the effects of hair loss elicit severe reactions from those suffering from it. It can be safely said that the psychological effects of hair loss…